Haunted Houses in Michigan

Do yo like Halloween and Haunted Houses?

Are you looking to visit one of the many Haunted Houses that are in Michigan this Halloween?

If so, then you come to the right place.


A Haunted House, also know as a Haunted Attraction is purely Entertainment. Most Haunt  Attractions in Michigan are seasonal.

Seasonal meaning that they are open for a certain season of the year. The season of Halloween.

Using numerous special effects, animated monsters and creatures, lights, fog and special designed sets, among other ways, these haunt attractions are designed to do one thing.


Playing on the sense of your body through hearing, seeing, smelling and sometimes feeling, along with numerous other professional ways, these Halloween events know how to scare.

Some of the them are not only are designed for scaring but also are designed to the overall theme of Halloween and also have family orientated activity’s as well. Some may have hayrides, corn mazes and possibly a pumpkin patch.

So Now we know that  Haunted Houses are not really filled with spirits that haunt you at night and are the ones that are for entertainment only.

When are Haunted Houses in Michigan Open?

Most  attractions, not only in Michigan but all over are open for the season of Halloween. Some may be open year long, but for the most part, the majority are seasonal. You can find some of the haunts starting to open in September and stay open until October’s end on Halloween Night.

Not all haunted houses are open the same time. It is always best to check with the haunted house or their website to see what dates of operation and times are as well. Some may be rain or shine. Some may open at a certain hour.


Haunted House Tickets

What does it cost to go to a Haunted House attraction in and around the Michigan area:

Prices are different for each. You have to check with them for admission prices.

Prices may be as low as $5 up to $30. Some attractions offer discounted tickets, online ticket sales combo packages, group rates and also may also a type of ticket to allow the quest a “No waiting in line” pass. Remember ticket prices are different among these places, but on an entertainment level, it is by far one of the best values for a night out!

What is the Best Haunted House in Michigan?

This is something that the customer will have to decide for themselves. A lot of the different haunted houses have won awards in numerous areas, perhaps for “The Best”, “The Biggest”, and even “The Scariest”.

Are Haunt’s for All Ages?

Some Haunt’s  do have minimum age requirements and some do not. Depending on the haunt type you are going to, whether it be a hayride, an indoor haunt or a corn maze, could determine if there is age requirements. A lot of the numerous haunts for Halloween in Michigan offer activities and events that are suitable for the whole family. Age requirements may or may not be a factor in the haunt you attend.

Where can I find Haunted Houses in Michigan?

Below is a partial list of Haunted House Attraction in Michigan, that you can visit for the Halloween Season. The list is NOT in any order from most scary, the biggest or alphabetically. The information may not be accurate, but  is enough to get you going for the Halloween Haunted House Season. Be sure to check the websites of the haunts to learn more about them such as prices, hours, locations and other information on them.


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